The Quinta das Escomoeiras has nurtured approximately one-half hectare of old vines, that are strung along a set of terraces overlooking the buildings used for rural tourism, standing as witnesses of the traditional cultivation and vine training methods of times past. In this areas, more than 16 different grape varieties can be found, with grapevines that are various decades old, with one in particular, of the variety “batoca”, which is well over a hundred years old.

The new vineyard, which took root in 1997, extending some 2½ hectares, bask in the sun on terraces that reach on down the mountain, bounded by the forest that protects them from the coolness and dampness of the river. Divided into sectors, these vines are made up of the white grape varieties azal and pedernã or arinto, as well as red grape varieties, namely borraçal, padeiro e vinhão, all of which are typical varieties of the region.

The granite and schist soil as well as the east and south sun exposure bestow upon the wines fruitiness and dryness, with low acidity and a medium to high alcohol content.