Farm Animals

In a fenced-in area, next to the orchard, chicken of four different autochthonous portuguese races may be seen. In a different part of the estate, on a .25 hectare section full of oak, chestnut and olive trees and with a horseback-riding arena, inhabit one Burra de Miranda (donkey) Juliet, as well as a Lusitanian mare, Sereia (Mermaid, in Portuguese), each with their own stall for shelter.

Quinta das Escomoeiras is part of the association AEPGA (The Association for Study and Protection of Donkeys as Livestock), which assist in treatment and study of these animals, in conjunction with the local university UTAD.

Walking through the vineyard and the woods, down to the riverside, you may also see some sheep and goats that live free in the area.

With the planting of various kinds of fruit trees over the years, number some 250 in all, wildlife visits the vineyards and forest more and more, which to the delight of those who visit, let themselves be seen.