To Visit

In 1959, the author, Miguel Torga wrote in his diary about the waterfalls which are an important side trip when you visit us. Like him, you can also revel in the Fisgas do Ermelo, those waterfalls. They are found a few kilometers from the Natural Park of Alvão and are, without a doubt, an outing that is well worth the drive. Not only is the landscape awe-inspiring, but the falls are also among the tallest in Europe.

In nearby Celorico de Basto you can discover the old manor houses with their camellia gardens visit the castle and the Arnoia Monastery, as well as the local library Professor Doutor Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa or climb up to the Senhora da Graça hermitage.

Also near the Quinta das Escomoeiras, stands the Ponte de Arame, “the Wire Bridge,” that, in times long past, linked Lourido with Rebordelo. Although crossing it is not allowed at this moment, you will certainly admire its construction, which dates back to the 19th century, made up of braided wire suspension supports and a wood walkway.